Fine-tune Your Sales & Renewal Process

Win more business and retain existing accounts by identifying gaps in your current process.

Want to Improve Your Sales Strategy?

As your customers evolve, it’s essential that your sales strategy evolves with them. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to constantly be looking for ways to reach new prospects and prove your value to existing clients. By leveraging new technology and resources to streamline once manual tasks, you can compete on a whole new level and take your business to new heights.

Land more first meetings and win new business.

Improve prospecting and shorten your sales cycle by leveraging sales enablement and marketing tools.

Build Your Reputation and Tell Your Story

Easily promote your consulting firm with ready-made marketing materials. The on-demand marketing hub in the Dynamic Content Library is packed with videos, PowerPoints, flyers and more that you can share through MyWave to help you showcase your value and challenge the incumbent.

Streamline Prospect & Renewal Meeting Prep

Stop wasting hours preparing for prospect and renewal meetings. With the Dynamic Content Library’s Prospect Presentation Creator and Renewal Presentation Creator, you can create custom presentations in minutes that target your prospect’s or client's unique pain points.

Improve Your Training and Onboarding

Quickly onboard new consultants and replicate the skills of high performers by using the Producer Training Program in the Dynamic Content Library. With more than 25 lessons and 8 courses, our program has everything you need to master each step in the sales process.

Provide high-quality, relevant communication year-round.

Demonstrate your expertise by regularly providing top-of-the-line content to meet your client’s unique business challenges.

Automate Communication

Many buyers of risk management and safety consulting want to hear from their consultant regularly. Instantly engage with your entire prospect and client base by using the email marketing platform in the Dynamic Content Library to set up automated emails for one-off or year-round distribution. Or share resources with your clients through the MyWave Client Portal.

Track Email Marketing Efforts

Easily measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns in the Dynamic Content Library. Our analytics dashboard helps you measure the success of your email campaigns and optimize the ROI of your marketing initiatives.

Segment Your Clients & Prospects

With With the Dynamic Content Library’s dynamic lists feature, email lists will be automatically updated based on accounts and contacts that meet your specific criteria. You can even schedule emails to be distributed during specific timeframes most relevant to your prospects and clients.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader and Deliver Smart Business Advice

Exceed clients’ and prospects’ expectations by delivering targeted educational resources that solve their unique pain points.

Stay Ahead of Industry News

Never miss a beat or trending piece of content. With the weekly content notification emails in the Dynamic Content Library, you can stay on top of the latest market trends and share any relevant updates with your clients through the MyWave Client Portal.

Provide Relevant, Timely Newsletters

Offer monthly and quarterly newsletters from the Dynamic Content Library to your clients through the MyWave Client Portal. These newsletters cover a wide range of topics including cyber security, health and wellness, OSH, workplace safety, HR culture, and more.

Brand Content Back to Your Consulting Firm

Create custom-branded newsletters, presentations, flyers, toolkits and more with the Dynamic Content Library. By including your name, contact information and logo on valuable content, you can raise awareness about your brand and position yourself as a thought leader.

Want to learn more about how to improve your entire sales and renewal process?