Support your clients’ benefit plan needs every step of the way.

PlanAdvisor® helps your clients control rising health care costs with a plan design toolkit that delivers cost-saving solutions.

<>Help your clients control rising health care costs with a plan design toolkit and employee decision support tool.

Health costs are on the rise; however, renewal increases can often outpace them. Controlling rising health plan costs for customers and prospects is a “top three” challenge every year for the benefits broker.

Show how clients measure up

Employers need to offer competitive benefits packages while keeping costs in check. Help them understand opportunities to impact costs by identifying Medical and Rx utilization and cost drivers. Uncover plan designs that competing employers provide. Develop a strategy to impact employee recruitment and engagement while better controlling costs.

Deliver a competitive renewal

Underwriting is often seen as a black box. Open the lid on the process by demonstrating what goes into a self-funded or experience rated renewal, and calculate a fair and independent view of what a renewal should be – to help your client plan mid year or to negotiate a renewal that may not seem fair.

Try out different plan designs

Understand the potential value of plan design changes to your client’s bottom line in order to help them make well-informed decisions.

Help employees make the most of their healthcare dollar

Educate and support employees at open enrollment with our decision support tool, Plan Selector.


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PlanAdvisor pairs perfectly with the following other products: Decision Master® Warehouse.

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PlanAdvisor solves the complex problems you're facing.

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  • Make retention easy
  • Reduce servicing time
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Challenge the incumbent broker by using health and Rx carrier claims reports to uncover cost drivers when benchmarked against 30 million lives nationwide. Demonstrate how you can deliver solutions to control costs with plan design modeling.

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Arm yourself with data to negotiate better renewals for your experience rated and self-funded accounts. Support consumerism with an employee enrollment decision support tool.

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Help clients choose the best plans to fit their unique business needs. Show clients how they stack up against thousands of like employers on various plan measures. Help clients plan for future costs.

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Here are just some of the features that set PlanAdvisor apart.

Health Plan Design Benchmarking

Health plan design benchmarking

A plan design benchmarking against 70,000 plans to show how your client matches up by region, industry. Basically allows a client to see if the health plan packages they offer to employees are competitive, not competitive enough or too rich

Renewal Estimator

Renewal Estimator

The Renewal Estimator calculates projected health plan renewal costs based on trend, midpoint and large claim information. It helps ensure clients are getting fair renewal quotes and also helps clients budget for future plan costs.

Plan Selector

Plan selector

This is an employee consumerism tool. Employees input their expected medical costs and the tool
recommends the best plan to fit their budget and health needs.

Plan Design Modeling

Plan design modeling

Show your client how their health care costs & premiums could change if they modified the health plans they offer employees. That allows them to see how health plan changes would directly impact their bottom line.

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Utilization and cost benchmarking

Identify your group’s top cost drivers by comparing utilization and costs against one of the largest normative sets in the country, Truven Health Analytics and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

PlanAdvisor pairs perfectly with the following other products: Decision Master Warehouse.