About this webinar:

The referral is the best producer at a brokerage. Referrals have very high closing ratios, warm leads, and they eliminate the difficult task of getting a first meeting with someone that simply doesn’t know you through any other networks. This webinar will explore the power of creating a formalized referral process. Referrals are earned by providing great service to your clients. For brokerages, this is a fantastic synergy that can help you boost your retention rate, while also boosting one of the biggest aspects of growth — the referral.

Creating a stewardship process is the art of showing your clients the value you provide them, especially the value that goes beyond insurance guidance. In the intangible world brokers live in, the stewardship report can create tangible value and truly separate you from other brokers. One of my broker partners told me the question he dreads the most from a large client who hasn’t had a claim: “What have you done for us?”

This webinar will show you easy and automated ways to provide a most robust client experience, prove that value to clients, and then have a referral process intertwined with the renewal process. This synergy can help ramp up a brokerage’s organic growth. Imagine a 2 percent boost in retention and a 10 percent boost in referrals for the year.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How to create and provide value beyond the renewal date. 
  2. Creating two stewardship reports that can be delivered with the renewal and mid-year to build walls around a client and boost retention.
  3. Using the Stewardship Report to ask for a referral, measuring and tracking a formalized referral strategy.