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Written by Patrick Noonan

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I am the master of two Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers, Bridget, the “do as I please diva,” and Brady, “the obsessive hunter.” They love me unconditionally, always greet me with abandon and just somehow know the right time to just lie quietly next to me. This past winter, I decided obedience training would get me closer to feeling unconditional love for them.

After six weeks of training, a transformation had taken place. Bridget became the “come when called diva” and Brady the “calm, occasional hunter.” The gist of what I had learned is that the secret to a loyal, well-behaved dog is frequent and consistent communication along with positive attention and regular exercise.

We can learn a lot from our dogs. I’m not suggesting that building loyalty with your clients is as easy, but I can guarantee that consistent communication with your clients and prompt attention to their needs will go a long way to making them your customer forever. In fact, the clients who participated in our US Broker Services Survey told us the following about their broker’s communication with them:

  • 74 per cent value regular communication from their broker
  • 9 per cent cite lack of regular communication as a primary reason to look for a new broker
  • 53 per cent would like to hear from their broker monthly
  • 60 per cent would like to hear from their broker three months in advance of renewal

It’s hard to argue with those statistics. MyWave Connect, powered by Broker Briefcase, makes communicating with your clients easy.
From timely newsletters to the hundreds of industry-specific articles and flyers, MyWave Connect & Broker Briefcase will make it easier than ever for you to offer content that your clients will value.

Oh, and don’t forget about some other great lessons you can learn from your dog – take naps, enjoy long walks and if something you want seems buried, dig deep until you find it!

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