Identify, quantify and deliver cost savings for your client.

RALLE® Warehouse uncovers auto, property, general liability and workers’ comp cost drivers with accurate and actionable reporting and analysis.

<>Increase client retention by identifying cost-saving action items.

Expose loss drivers, save clients money and become a strategic partner. RALLE Warehouse helps you prove your value as a broker by impacting your client’s financials. Help clients make faster and more effective decisions that dramatically reduce claims-related losses.

Provide reporting that's easy to understand

RALLE transforms carriers’ hard to read and interpret loss runs into professional, graphical reporting, making it easy to pinpoint higher risk and problem areas.

Track case notes in a centralized location

Always have easy access to current valuations and case notes to stay on top of open claims.

Normalize data over various lines of coverage and years

Changing carriers no longer means a loss of data integrity. We normalize the data for you so that you are always comparing apples to apples over various years, locations and lines of coverage.

Get to the source of loss drivers

Drill down into loss run data to uncover specific issues. Perhaps a specific location, shift or tenure of employees is driving losses of a specific type. Easily find those patterns and answer questions that you and your insured have on the fly, without waiting for the carrier to get back to you.


“It’s been really amazing not only for onboarding new customers but onboarding prospecting, utilizing it for sales. It’s really an amazing product.

Jennifer Reginelli, Insight Risk Management

Everything you need to grow your agency.

RALLE Warehouse pairs perfectly with the following other products: Broker Briefcase® P&C Edition and ModMaster®.

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RALLE Warehouse solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Close more business
  • Make retention easy
  • Reduce servicing time

Level the playing field and feel confident pitching larger employers with frequent losses with this sophisticated loss analysis tool.

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Turn requests for quotes into longer-term risk management conversations to empower insureds to understand and better manage their risks based on their own loss experience.

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Say goodbye to manual data entry of carrier loss runs into Excel by having Zywave do the work for you. Provide us with your loss runs and we’ll standardize formats and load into our database for your analysis.

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Here are just some of the features that set RALLE Warehouse apart.

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Turnkey management reports

Graphical, professional reporting to identify risk management problem areas for Worker’s Compensation, Auto, General Liability and Property lines of coverage.

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Loss run report

Generate clear and consistent loss runs over multiple policy periods offering an accurate picture of loss performance. Save custom reporting formats for easy access.

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Drill down

Easy to use drill-down feature to answer questions of your data and highlight specific areas to improve through risk management strategies

RALLE Warehouse pairs perfectly with the following other products: Broker Briefcase P&C and Modmaster.