3 ways to win with compliance

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Written By
Patrick Noonan
Vice President of Content Development

Compliance is a vital concern for any business owner, risk manager or HR representative. Learn how to leverage your compliance expertise to win more business with these three tips.

1. Capitalize on timely news

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to cold call a prospect. When important legislative news hits, it’s an opportunity for an easy conversation starter. Call businesses impacted by the change and ask if they are aware and prepared.

2. Challenge the incumbent broker

For lulls between breaking legislative news, you can still use compliance to get in the door. Focus on the prospect’s compliance needs and challenges, and how their current broker is (or isn’t) addressing those needs. Sample questions include:

  • How do you hear about important regulatory and compliance updates? Does your broker keep you up to date on legislative news or do you feel you are often in the dark?
  • Do you understand how occupational health and safety regulations impact your business? Is your business currently in compliance with provisions in effect, and are you prepared to meet future obligations?
  • Are you confident that you currently comply with the employment laws in your province? How does your current broker support your needs and initiatives?
  • Where do you turn when you have questions about compliance or new legislation? Is your broker a resource in this area?

3. Demonstrate your expertise

After you spark the prospect’s interest by discussing a new law or challenging the incumbent broker, it’s time to demonstrate your expertise. Start drip marketing campaigns specific to a prospect’s industry or compliance need – uncover this information through research and targeted questions during the initial phone call.

The resources you need

Broker Briefcase® has the prospecting resources you need to win business, from sample prospecting scripts to the materials needed to create drip marketing campaigns, and much more. Plus, sharpen your skills in every phase of the sales cycle with step-by-step guidance in the Broker’s Assistant tool, found at the bottom of the Broker Briefcase home screen.


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