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Tuesday, June 3, 2014
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Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay motivated as a broker? Perhaps you’re having difficulty gaining new business, or are feeling the pressure of the down economy. Whatever the reason (and sometimes there’s no reason at all), these tips can help you the next time you’re feeling less than inspired to do your job.

Pinpoint when your motivation starts to slip. Often, people become so accustomed to this feeling that they think it’s normal. It’s not. When you feel a lack of motivation creeping into your work, you need to address it immediately. A lack of motivation can become a bad habit, without you even realizing it. Recognizing and addressing it helps keep you from falling into a “just good enough” mindset.

Work to increase your expertise in the insurance and/or selling world. Personal development is always a good way to jumpstart your enthusiasm for your business. Find niches or skills that you are exceptionally good at or passionate about, and hone those skills. As you increasingly master your craft of selling insurance, you’ll gain more confidence and purpose in your day-to-day work.

Figure out what drives you to do your job. Is it the commissions, providing for your family, your competitive nature, the good feeling of helping your clients? Once you find your primary driver, set goals to challenge yourself based on that. That could mean monthly sales goals (track your progress daily), earning toward that next family vacation (post a picture of your destination at your desk to stay motivated), striving to be the sales leader in your brokerage (set mini-goals) – whatever motivates you the most.

Remember or expand your sense of purpose in your work. As an insurance broker, you are not just selling your clients a product, you are helping to provide them with peace of mind. Focus on how your services and products benefit your clients, and you’ll not only motivate yourself, but your attitude adjustment might help you win over more prospects as well!

Break down self-imposed barriers. Motivation can only take you so far if you’ve set limits for yourself. If you’ve always considered yourself an ‘average’ salesperson in your brokerage, then your results will continue to reflect that until you change your mindset. Many of us put up barriers in our work and life without even realizing it, but shifting your way of thinking can be extremely beneficial for your success. The next time you catch yourself thinking pessimistically, find ways to turn the negative thought into something positive.

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