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Thursday, June 26, 2014
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Starting today, I’ve got my tinfoil hat on.

  • Two weeks ago: My favorite RSS reader and market research tool, Feedly, was hacked. I had no idea how I was going to complete my research. It was like asking me to eat soup without a spoon!
  • Last month: Facebook announced a new feature that uses the microphone on a user’s mobile device to identify music or television programming in the background. (If they hear me watching Big Brother, will the system implode?)
  • Last year:  My financial information was obtained by cyber attackers because I bought diapers from Target on Black Friday. (And no, this doesn’t make me unique—an estimated 15% of the U.S. population has had their personal information stolen by hackers.)

At the same time, I revel in all the amazing things technology does to make my life easier.

  • Google Keep? Thank you for giving me a technological alternative to writing notes on my hand. It’s pretty cool to be reminded to buy toilet paper WHILE I’m at the store.
  • MyChart? Thank you for allowing me to communicate with my daughter’s doctor without having to make an appointment, drive 30 minutes to the office and fork over a copay. I’m a new mom; I can’t afford to waste half a day and $30 every time I freak out about something.

I’m teetering on the edge right now. I want technology to improve the ease with which I live my life, but I don’t want to compromise my privacy or safety. It’s difficult to find a good balance because both the capabilities of technology and the skills of cyber criminals are growing every day.

This got me thinking. It’s even harder for business owners – your clients – to find a balance because they use far more technology than most individuals do, and they also have to protect customer privacy, employee privacy, intellectual property and their reputations.

What if your clients could turn to you for help managing their cyber risks? In additional to cyber liability insurance, what if you could provide your clients with the tools they need to perform a technology risk/benefit analysis and safety audit? Talk about taking your partnership to the next level!

Zywave recently released a Cyber Liability Toolkit that was created to help you do exactly that: share a single resource with your clients that helps them learn about technology risks, identify their exposures and take action to protect themselves from cyber threats. The best part? You don’t have to have any technological expertise to share it. Don’t have access to Zywave’s Broker Briefcase product and want to learn more? Click here.

For now, I’m trying to find the courage to delete my Facebook profile (but how will I know what all of my quasi-friends are doing?) and I’m evaluating the costs and benefits of every other type of technology I use. As much as I like the convenience technology brings, I need to find a balance that keeps me and my family safe.

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